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At Click International, we specialize in facilitating seamless business setups in the dynamic landscape of Saudi Arabia. As the kingdom opens its doors wider to global investments and entrepreneurial ventures, we stand ready to guide you through every step of establishing your presence in this thriving market.

Why Choose Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia, with its strategic location, robust economy, and ambitious Vision 2030 initiative, presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses across various sectors. From oil and gas to technology, healthcare to hospitality, the kingdom offers a conducive environment for growth and innovation. With a young and vibrant population embracing digital transformation, the market potential is immense, making it an attractive destination for both established corporations and budding startups.

What do we do?

We have wide range of services in business incorporation and post incorporation. We help business owners focus on their operation where we fulfil their licensing and all public relation needs.

Ministry of Investment (MISA) Licensing

Commercial Registration (CR) Issuance

TAX Registration

Saudi Premium Residency

Ministry of Labour (MLSD) Registration

Visa / Iqama Issuance

General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI) Registration

Saudisation Consultancy & Employee Transfer

General Manager Visa Issuance

Municipality (Baladiyah) Approval

Dedicated Government Relation Officer

Bank Account Opening

Our Services from ministry of investments

MISA Licensing –
A gateway to foreign entities

Service License

Service activity license comprises of Constructions, Administrative Investment, Information Technology, Tourism, Training, Health, Insurance and Re Insurance, Education, Advertising and Media, Logistic Services, Organizing Exhibitions, Catering and Food Services, Financial Services, Aviation and Handling Services, etc.

Industry License

This service is provided to all industrial licenses, such as heavy and light industries and transformative industries. The licensee must rehearse the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources to obtain an industrial license along with the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental Protection to acquire an environmental approval.

Commercial License

Considering the importance of commercial activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the pursuit the Kingdom to facilitate the entry of foreign entities to perform an activity in the wholesale trade and retail trade in the Saudi market, according to specific guidelines and conditions it is two kind.

  1. Commercial license with Saudi shareholder
  2. 100% foreign commercial license

Regional Headquarters License

This service is provided to Multinational Groups wishing to establish their RHQ in the Kingdom as a unit duly established under the laws of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of supporting, managing, and providing strategic direction to its branches, subsidiaries and affiliates operating in MENA region.

Entrepreneur Licenses

The service is provided to business leaders who wish to establish emerging technical, innovative or distinguished companies capable of expansion and growth to provide a better and different product or service in the Saudi market and have supportive entities approved by the ministry of investment.

Real Estate License

This service provided to foreign companies in property field in case that the total cost of the project, in terms of both land and construction, is not less than 30 million Saudi riyals in terms of land and construction and the investment established outside the borders of the cities of Mecca and Medina.

License for scientific and technical office

This service is provided to foreign companies that have a Saudi agent distributing the company’s products in the Kingdom, and such companies that wish to open an office to provide scientific and technical services to agents, distributors and consumers of their products.

Temporary licenses for government/ semi-govt. contract

The foreign entities that do not have foreign investment License for
the contract activity, for which a government or semi-government contract is awarded, providing the possibility to apply for a temporary license to execute a government or semi-government contract, this license expires at the end of the contract tenor

Consulting License for Engineering Offices

This service provided to foreign companies that wish to provide the engineering consultation services inside the Kingdom with a 100% possession.

Temporary Certificate to submit proposal for governement projects

Entities that need to bid for government projects are able to submit an application to Ministry of
Investment by requesting a temporary certificate to bid for government projects

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