The Saudi Arabian government has opened avenues for expatriates and foreigners holding Iqama to acquire property in the country, provided certain conditions are met. This move allows expats the opportunity to own one residential property, with conditions ranging from a valid Iqama to restrictions on property locations. The process involves several steps, including obtaining approval from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and adhering to a detailed procedural framework. This article outlines the eligibility criteria, step-by-step procedures, and additional considerations such as property locations, rules for inherited property, and limitations tied to waqf-linked properties. Stay informed about the latest updates by joining our communication channels for expats in Saudi Arabia.

Conditions for Ownership:

    1. Valid Iqama required.
    2. Property details with official document copy.
    3. No existing property in the expat’s name in Saudi Arabia.
    4. Property must not be in Makkah or Madina.
    5. Intended for residential use only..

Step-by-Step Process:

    1. Property search.
    2. Building survey – Shaikh Al Aqar.
    3. Price negotiation.
    4. Title search through AQARI.
    5. Obtain MOI permission.
    6. Apply for mortgage and pre-approval.
    7. Document preparation and payment readiness.
    8. Register and first visit to the Notary Public Office (Ministry of Justice).
    9. Deed transfer and final visit to the Notary Public Office.
    10. Receive title deeds in your name..

Applying for MOI Approval:

    • Access Absher account at
    • Navigate to “Services” > “General Services.”
    • Select “Request Property Owning for Non-Saudis.”
    • Create a request and enter property information..

Iqama Expiry:

    • Property ownership does not grant Iqama extension rights..

Property in Makkah and Madina:

  • Non-Saudis generally barred from buying in Makkah and Madina.
  • Expats can invest indirectly through real estate investment funds..

Rules for Inherited Property:

  • Expats can own inherited property.
  • Children of Saudis without nationality may still own property as iqama holders..

Property Linked to Waqf:

  • Foreigners have no property rights if linked to waqf with Supreme Council of Endowment supervision.
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