Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to the world with a bouquet of seven distinct Premium Residency programs designed to offer a permanent home for foreigners. This groundbreaking initiative provides an array of benefits, making it an enticing prospect for those seeking to establish long-term roots in the Kingdom.

Unlocking the Perks of Saudi Premium Residency:

  1. Family Inclusivity: Enjoy premium residency privileges extended to spouses and children under 25.
  2. Business Opportunities: Conduct business activities seamlessly within the Kingdom.
  3. Financial Relief: Bid farewell to dependent fees for family members.
  4. Travel Freedom: Explore hassle-free international travel without the need for an exit reentry visa.
  5. Real Estate Ownership: Secure property ownership rights in your name within Saudi Arabia.
  6. Iqama Flexibility: Experience effortless Iqama transfers without incurring any transfer fees.
  7. Family Reunification: Facilitate hosting and inviting relatives to join you in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Premium Residencies

1. Special Talent Residency:

Eligibility extends to Iqama holders with a minimum salary of SR 80,000/month, healthcare and science professionals earning SR 35,000/month, and researchers with a minimum wage of SR 14,000/month.

Apply for Special Talent Residency.

2. Real Estate Owner Residency:

Criteria include a minimum investment of SR 4 million in mortgage-free residential properties.
Ensure the property is free from mortgages now and in the future, and purchased without financing.
The real estate must be fully developed and residential in nature.

Apply for Real Estate Owner Residency.

3. Investor Residency:

Requirements include obtaining an investment license, commercial registration, a minimum investment of SR 7 million, and the creation of 10 jobs.

Apply for Investor Residency.

4. Entrepreneur Residency:

Two categories based on minimum investment amounts and the required share percentage in accredited start-ups.

Apply for Entrepreneur Residency.

5. Gifted Residency:

Available for individuals receiving specified exceptional awards approved by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Sports, or meeting minimum eligibility criteria.

Apply for Gifted Residency.

6. Limited Duration Residency:

Obtain premium residency for a limited duration against an annual fee of SR 100,000.

Apply for Limited Duration Residency.

7. Unlimited Duration Residency:

Secure unlimited-duration Saudi premium residency with a one-time fee of SR 800,000.

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