At Click International, we are dedicated to facilitating a conducive investment environment within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our investment principles and policies are designed to uphold fairness, transparency, and sustainability, ensuring a mutually beneficial landscape for all stakeholders involved.

1. Equal Treatment for All Investors:
We guarantee equality between Saudi and non-Saudi investors, as well as among non-Saudi investors, fostering an environment of fairness and inclusivity.

2. Protection of Investments:
Your investments are safeguarded in accordance with the regulations of the Kingdom, providing you with the assurance of security and stability.

3. Sustainability and Transparency:
Sustainability is a priority, and we handle investor complaints transparently, promoting trust and accountability in all our dealings.

4. Transparent Incentives:
When appropriate, we offer investment incentives with full transparency, ensuring adherence to clear, non-discriminatory criteria.

5. Environmental and Social Responsibility:
We adhere to environmental and social standards, ensuring compliance with labor, health, and environmental regulations both nationally and internationally.

6. Facilitated Entry Procedures:
Entry procedures for non-Saudi employees and their dependents are streamlined, allowing for seamless participation in foreign investment activities while adhering to all regulations and international obligations.

7. Technology Transfer and Localization:
We are committed to the transfer and localization of science and technology resulting from foreign direct investment, in alignment with our international obligations.

Join us at Click International in shaping the future of investment in Saudi Arabia. Our dedication to these principles ensures a dynamic and inclusive investment landscape, fostering growth, innovation, and prosperity for all.