In the heart of Saudi Arabia’s industrial landscape stands a key player that has been instrumental in shaping the nation’s economic growth – the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones, commonly known as MODON. Established in 2001, MODON has been at the forefront of regulating, promoting, and facilitating industrial estates and technology zones across the Kingdom. With a vision to foster industrialization and attract investments, MODON has become a cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s industrial development strategy.

Development and Supervision:

Since its inception, MODON has played a pivotal role in the development and supervision of industrial lands and integrated infrastructure. Over the years, it has overseen the establishment of 36 industrial cities, in addition to private industrial complexes, covering a vast expanse of nearly 200 million square meters. This extensive network of industrial zones serves as hubs for diverse sectors, ranging from manufacturing to technology, contributing significantly to the nation’s GDP.

Empowering the Private Sector:

One of MODON’s primary objectives is to encourage private sector participation in the development, operation, and maintenance of industrial estates. By fostering partnerships with private investors and companies, MODON has created an ecosystem conducive to business growth and innovation. Through collaborative initiatives and incentives, it has attracted a myriad of local and international investors, stimulating economic diversification and job creation.

Employment and Economic Impact:

MODON’s efforts have not only led to infrastructural development but have also translated into tangible socio-economic benefits. With over 6,587 industrial and investment contracts and more than 4,000 factories under its management, MODON has been a catalyst for job creation, employing over half a million individuals, including a significant portion of Saudi nationals. By providing employment opportunities and fostering industrialization, MODON is contributing to the Kingdom’s vision of enhancing economic prosperity and social welfare.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation:

In alignment with global sustainability goals, MODON is dedicated to promoting environmentally-friendly practices and fostering innovation within industrial zones. From implementing energy-efficient technologies to supporting research and development initiatives, MODON is driving towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced industrial landscape. By embracing innovation and sustainability, MODON aims to position Saudi Arabia as a leader in the global industrial arena.


As Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards economic diversification and sustainable development, MODON remains a cornerstone of progress. Through its strategic initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and unwavering commitment to excellence, MODON is shaping the future of industrialization in the Kingdom. With a vision to create vibrant and competitive industrial ecosystems, MODON stands poised to propel Saudi Arabia towards greater prosperity and global prominence.