Saudi Arabia’s newly announced premium visa is set to have a significant impact on the kingdom’s expats, offering them a “higher quality of life,” and making them feel “included,” said Paul Arnold, managing director of Sovereign PPG.

“With Saudi Arabia’s current population now exceeding 35 million people, and expatriates comprising more than a third of this total, the new premium residency visa has the scope to impact a huge segment of the kingdom,” Arnold said.

“With benefits including the ability to sponsor visit visas for relatives, work in the private sector, and increasing the ease of country entry and exit procedures, this new visa category will offer residents a higher quality of life.


With a one-time fee of SAR800,000, expats who meet the eased eligibility criteria can now stay indefinitely in the kingdom

“For example, giving access to the airport lanes usually dedicated to Saudi Nationals will make people feel “included” while offering non-nationals the ability to acquire real estate is viewed by many as a game-changer and a hot topic to watch.

“Ultimately, this new visa category has the potential to become a vehicle to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 by attracting and retaining the right talent in order to diverse the economy,” he added.

Applicable to both expats currently working in Saudi Arabia and investors and workers looking to move to the kingdom, the Premium Residency visa offers a host of benefits, including the ability to open up and conduct businesses under the foreign investment regulations.

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